Great South Bay Crabbing

WHAT A SEASON! Doc... demonstrates... the toss. Bubba's double header. Circle of friends. Good... better...
best. Bucket of crabs. 2 males hold 2 females. Top side. Now that's a Blue Claw. Ready... go. Boiled with celery & Old Bay.
Bowl full. Doc cleans a few. Like surgery. Cleaned and ready. Manga. Another day, another boil. It was a good day. The proof. The aftermath.
Another good day. The carnage. This time we steam... with a mix of new spices. Alan takes the test... Old Bay or the new blend. Long Island corn... and Blue Crabs. Yum!
Two happy eaters. The left overs. Ha. Another day, another spin. Crab sauce. Think Linguini. Ahh. Cleaned, bagged and ready for?

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